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ReCulturing is the continuous act of redesigning, reimagining, and reconnecting behaviors, processes, and practices to each other and to the organizational system.

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When we were all still working in a corporate office most of the time, culture was reduced to being synonymous with ping pong tables and beer bashes. Now, it’s being referred to as something we “can’t get back”. This misses the point and companies pay a big price for not knowing how to intentionally design and build culture–with or without a physical office.

In my book, “ReCulturing”, I re-define culture as a system that leverages behaviors, processes, and practices to create an environment that increases both employee fulfillment and organizational effectiveness.

That is what culture can and should do for a company – and that is what I want to help people do by reading my book.

In 2018, after having been at three high-growth iconic companies, I wrote an article on what I learned about organizational culture. I was determined even more to make sure that we build workplaces that are healthy, led by supportive people who have each other’s back. I wanted to make sure that my nieces and nephews never had to experience what I just had.We all deserve to be in environments that are supportive, accountable, and psychologically safe. This passion and determination inspired me to write an article for Harvard Business Review (HBR) detailing why companies with perceived “great cultures,” lose great employees. It was the result of my awareness of gaps that happen within the system of a corporate culture (even good cultures) and the systems thinking approach to close them. The companies that work to connect their values to their behaviors, processes, and practices to each other as well as to the larger organizational system are the ones that have healthy cultures and successful business outcomes. The ones that don’t, not only lose their value, but they also lose their people. The article was one of the top-viewed articles on HBR that year, and since then, has been shared with thousands of leaders around the world.

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