Elevate leadership and build a purpose-driven culture with ReCulturing

  • Learn how to align purpose, strategy, and culture to attract top talent
  • Increase employee engagement and performance with our powerful culture framework
  • Improve hiring, onboarding, talent management, and decision-making

ReCulturing (verb):

Leverage the power of systems thinking to clarify your purpose, build your strategy, and design your culture.

It’s no secret that culture is key to attracting and engaging top talent. But the vast majority of culture efforts fail as quickly as they started. Why? Because leaders are creating and communicating organizational values, but they’re failing to connect those values to their behaviors, processes, and practices of the organization.

ReCulturing is the playbook for building a business in which employees are clear on the why, what, and how they are working. ReCulturing is not a one-time change effort because culture is not something we ultimately have, but rather something we do. One of today’s most renowned thought leaders and practitioners on the issue, Melissa Daimler provides a modern definition of culture that is more of a verb than a noun. Culture needs to be reviewed consistently, just like strategy and purpose. Focusing on these three areas leads to higher performance and engagement.

In the pages of this book you'll learn:

  • A powerful framework for designing and evolving organizational culture that goes beyond values to also include behaviors, processes, and practices.

  • How to embed behaviors into core people processes like hiring, onboarding, talent managing, offboarding, strategizing and decision making

  • How to integrate “why you work” “what you do” and “how you do it” into an employee experience

  • Why it’s crucial to make sure a company’s practices evolve as the company changes

The book also features illuminating real-life stories recounting what has and hasn’t worked at some of today’s largest and most influential companies.

Whether you’re launching a startup, running a global firm, or overseeing the shift to a hybrid work setting, ReCulturing provides everything you need to design the kind of culture that drives long-term business success.



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